About Us

In 2012 Crate Computer CEO Tim Leonard had a vision.  An avid social gamer, Tim had grown tired of lugging bulky gaming computers around to friends’ houses and LAN parties.  He tried gaming laptops, but found that while portable they were also significantly underpowered compared to similarly priced high-end machines. 


And so the idea for the Crate Computer was born.


Combining the portability of a laptop with the power of a full-sized gaming machine, the Crate Computer was the answer he was looking for.  Using his knowledge as a hardware engineer and an intuitive understanding of what gamers want, Tim built a prototype in June of 2013, and from that prototype rolled out the first generation of Crate Computers a few months later.


Sleek, powerful and portable, these all-in-one machines set a new standard for high-end gaming.


So... What exactly is a Crate Computer?